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The world's first hydrogen bottle with Ultraviolet self-cleaning

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Record-high hydrogen concentration 6.61 PPM

achieved by and documented on a 10-minute generation cycle in distilled water

We do not know a single device on the world market with such an objectively proven hydrogen concentration

This means that only 1 glass of water from UVePEM will provide a daily dose of molecular hydrogen

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Our secret to getting
a record-high
H2 concentration

Since 2016, we have been researching and improving technologies for the production of hydrogen water.

Innovative solutions in

  • The use of titanium felt and mesh on electrodes
  • Hydrogen nanobubbles with a diameter of 10-100 nm
  • Dupont-117 two-sided plate web
  • Smart system for creating overpressure without the risk of leakage
  • 30% increase in electrode area with 6-layer platinum
Устройство прибора Titanium-platinum
electrode with increased
Titanium felt Titanium mesh

Premium design and uncompromising assembly quality

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“Smart Lid”
Ultraviolet Self-cleaning
Ultra-strong bulb made of thick plastic does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA free)
Waterproof USB Type-C Connector
Generator body and oxide aluminum cover
Timer and battery charge indicator

The world's first hydrogen bottle with ultraviolet self-cleaning

In order for the UVePEM to last a long time, keep some water in it to prevent drying out and damaging the membrane. But this often results in surprises such as mold, blooms, and unpleasant odors. Also, many people drink water directly from the UVePEM flask, which can cause pathogenic microorganisms to get onto the electrodes and membrane

We heard you and introduced a device's self-purification system using combined UV A and C radiation, which allows you to remove viruses, dangerous pathogenic microorganisms and mold inside the bottle

The UV-C wavelength emitted from the UV-C LED located in the UVePEM lids is optimized at the 265-280 nanometer spectrum to eliminate up to 99%* of bio-contaminants by breaking down their DNA

The second LED emits in the visible UV-A range and serves as a signal to warn the user about the operation of the UV cleaning and the inadmissibility of direct contact with the eyes

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Technical specifications

We use food grade certified materials (FCM).

  • Product Name:
    ultra-high hydrogen concentration hydrogen bottle with ultraviolet (UV) self-cleaning feature
  • Brand:
  • Model:
  • Electrodes:
    titanium with multilayer platinum coating
  • Proton-exchange membrane:
    Dupont 117
  • Flask material:
    Food grade polycarbonate. Does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).
  • Generator body material:
    aluminium oxide
  • Generator battery capacity:
    2200 mAh/3.7 V
  • Lid battery capacity:
    350 mAh/3.7 V
  • Input voltage:
    5 V/1 A
  • UVC Emitter wavelength:
    265-280 nm
  • UVA Emitter wavelength:
    390-400 nm
  • Flask capacity:
    210 ml
  • Dimension:
    55х55х200 mm
  • Generator weight:
    163 g
  • Weight of the assembled device:
    385 g

Just one glass of water - a supply of antioxidants for the whole day

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  • Instead of a regular flask, it is possible to use bottles with mineral (non-carbonated) water.
  • Only bottles with a neck diameter of 28 mm are suitable, such as Evian
  • The weight of the assembled device is only 385g!
  • Waterproof USB C-type connector
  • It is possible to generate hydrogen while charging the battery. Now you don't miss a glass of hydrogen water because your battery is dead!
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More information
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UVePEM - The world's first hydrogen bottle with UV self-cleaning and record hydrogen concentration

Заставка для видео

UVePEM - The world's first hydrogen bottle with UV self-cleaning and record hydrogen concentration

Feedback from users


Natalya Kurchanova

Hull, England

I've been drinking hydrogen water relatively recently. But I noticed that this water really lowers my blood pressure. Those with hypertension can safely drink this water. I drink it in the morning and evening before bed. Because I know that hydrogen separates red blood cells from each other and improves blood circulation. And one more thing. Since I have been on dialysis for 18 years, I can’t drink much - no more than 2-3 glasses a day. Therefore, the UVePEM device with ultra-high concentration of hydrogen is perhaps the only one capable of providing a therapeutic dose of hydrogen in just two glasses. I always set a timer for 10 minutes.


Tatyana Sailer

Tallinn, Estonia

Within a month of starting to drink hydrogen water, I noticed that my energy level had increased significantly. I drank only 1-2 glasses a day, but it noticeably improved my condition - in addition to a surge of energy, my brain began to work better and faster, I also noticed that this was reflected in my high spirits. But in the last month my mother “took” the device from me, and now I again see the treasured difference in slowing down all processes. So Uvepem works and is quite effective! It looks like I need to buy one more device. 😅


Ruslan Khramov

Riga, Latvia

For several years I drank hydrogen water from the Paino device. I recently replaced it with UVePEM, and I can attest that the device turned out very well! Firstly, I liked the control of the device - easy switching of modes, clear switching on and off, clear sound and light indication. Secondly, it is very convenient that a countdown timer has appeared. Now you don't have to worry about missing the end of the regime. Thirdly, the ultraviolet cleaning function is simply necessary to prevent unpleasant odors and water blooms. And finally, the fact that the record concentration of hydrogen was confirmed in an independent laboratory in the USA inspires confidence and respect for the device. And we can’t help but mention the stylish design and excellent ergonomics. In short, I recommend it!


Ieva Meiere

Sigulda, Latvia

My father is 81 years old. He was treated in hospital after a compression fracture of the spine. There was very severe anemia, and they also found pneumonia. As a result, the medications caused constipation. They brought my father home and started helping him in a different way. My father drank hydrogen water at first, 1 glass a day, because of heart arrhythmia. After a week, 2 glasses a day and then 3 glasses a day. At the same time, he lay on microspheres and took dietary supplements. The only medicine left was sleeping pills. After 3 months the spine healed, the back pain went away, the anemia has passed, the head is clear, the intestines work like clockwork, the hands and feet are warm. He drives a car himself again and runs his own cafe. And most importantly, the doctor stopped the blood-thinning drugs that my father had been taking for 3 years.


Igor Skvortsov

Jurmala, Latvia

I have been drinking hydrogen water since 2016. I felt its healing effect myself. Over the course of a year, I brought my blood sugar back to normal, lost 15 kg without exhausting diets, and forgot about arthrosis of the knee joint. And most importantly, my energy and performance returned. Over the years of drinking hydrogen water, I have used different devices - H2 Magic stick, Paino, Hebe, Helobe, Aquapem, Neopem. I can say with full responsibility that there are no devices equal to UVePEM on the market! Water quality, ergonomics, design reliability and consistently high performance - UVePEM is far ahead in these parameters. And Ultraviolet self-cleaning is just super! This is what all hydrogen water devices lacked! The sterility of electrodes, membranes, and gaskets is now guaranteed!


Egor Andreev

Bali, Indonesia

My principle is only the best and no compromises. This device is by far the best on the market. The only hydrogen bottle that ensures absolute water safety and eliminates pathogens. UVePEM has proven its effectiveness by offering water with a record concentration of hydrogen, which is easy to verify. I highly recommend it to everyone!


Tatyana Ivanova

Tallinn, Estonia

I heard about the hydrogen generator a long time ago and saw a video with Yuri Frolov. I recently got the device itself. I can’t say that I use it regularly, but when I get bilious or simply feel discomfort from food in my stomach, I remember the hydrogen generator, set it for 10 minutes and the effect is amazing. And the problems go away, and I sleep very well, and feel rested. If everything was in order with my health, I probably wouldn’t feel the difference. But I will tell young people - drink regularly and hydrogen water will push back the aging of the body and inevitable sores. You may not feel anything, but do not forget to drink hydrogen water, as well as wash your face and brush your teeth. And don’t forget to thank yourself after 60 years for your continued health. And most importantly, do not skimp on buying cheap generators; often their metal ions enter the water and accumulate in our body.


Julia Yulieva

Kassel, Germany

Hydrogen water has become a part of my daily life. I always notice how especially pleasant it is for me to drink hydrogen water after a long break. With hydrogen water you get a lot of strength, just like in your youth! And we know from countless studies that the aging and oxidation processes are also slowed down. I would like to see this advanced technology implemented everywhere in Germany (including schools and kindergartens)!

How hydrogen is useful to humans

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More than 2000 articles have been published in the field of hydrogen medicine!

Hydrogen water can help in complex treatment and prevention:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Excessive number of free radicals
  • Weak immunity
  • Early stage of the Inflammatory process
  • Reduced metabolism

Hydrogen water - the path to healing the body

to obtain research results

Who needs
to drink hydrogen water


What does hydrogen water taste like?
Hydrogen is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Therefore, hydrogen water does not taste different from base water. But water containing hydrogen has smaller water particles, which make it softer and easier to drink.
How and how much hydrogen water you should drink per day
Doctors recommend drinking 1 to 2 liters of hydrogen water per day. Of course, the water must have a high concentration of hydrogen. It is ideal to drink a glass of hydrogen water an hour before meals and an hour after. So, if you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will drink 6 glasses a day. And you can drink a couple more glasses in between, if you wish, of course. If you are contraindicated to drink a lot of liquid, then you should understand that even one or two glasses of hydrogen water from UVePEM, thanks to its record high concentration, can provide the daily norm of molecular hydrogen.
What are the contraindications for taking hydrogen water?
To date, numerous studies of the effect of hydrogen water on the human body have not revealed the presence of contraindications or side effects. It can and should be drunk by adults, the elderly, pregnant women, and children, including newborns.
How to combine hydrogen water with medication
The same as with ordinary water. Only in this case will the hydrogen contained in water act as an excellent transport vehicle (due to the small size of the molecule and high mobility) and ensure better delivery of all medicinal elements directly to the diseased organ.
Can hydrogen water be used for cooking?
Yes, and successfully at that. It has been noticed that when vegetables, fruits and cereals are soaked in hydrogen water, the amount of harmful substances that enter them with fertilizers decreases. The taste of tea and coffee prepared with hydrogen water becomes more intense.
If you add hydrogen to water, won't it turn into hydrogen peroxide?
Water has the formula H₂O, and hydrogen peroxide has the formula H₂O₂, so it contains additional oxygen, but not hydrogen. Thus, when hydrogen is added to water, hydrogen peroxide will not be formed. The fact is that molecular hydrogen does not react with water molecules and does not form some new molecule, like H₄O (this is chemically impossible), but simply saturates it. From this we can conclude that hydrogen water and hydrogen peroxide are completely different substances.
What is the shelf life of hydrogen water?
Hydrogen is a light gas and evaporates quickly. Therefore, it is best to use freshly prepared hydrogen water. Hydrogen does not tolerate heating, shaking or freezing. Remember that after an hour the hydrogen concentration will decrease by half.

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